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Into the forest we go!

It has been researched and proven time and time again that children learn more quickly with the use of play and the great outdoors.

Here at Outdoor Bilingual Learner we coach, advise and get you and your family ON YOUR FOREST PATH in order to introduce a second language (predominantly english /german) into your lives using nature and the great outdoors, with our focus being on families with children between the ages of three to eight years of age.

In an outdoor environment children are more inquisitive, adventurous and more likely to observe and ask questions. This builds the perfect setting for learning a new language.

So how do we support families to do this?

Outdoor Langauge Learning

I have helped numerous families wishing to introduce english/german as a second language into their homes. I will guide you and your family through the process of introducing either english or german into your lives using  nature and the great outdoors. Offering support and advice on the why, how, what, when and where!

It is my job to ensure you and your family have the tools that you require to begin your language journey. Through various methods and personal experience I can offer you the support you need to not only get started but to stay motivated and on track.

Are you ready to start?


It is here, the Outdoor Bilingual Learners Online Club is now open for new members!

This is our founders launch and we are looking for families wishing to introduce english or german into their homes or home -schooling routines.

The course is inspired from Charlotte Masons’ philosophy focussing on hearing and speaking for younger children rather than reading and writing, and is the perfect introduction for younger children learning a second language. It is also the method that we are using as a family ourselves, using nature and the great outdoors as our guide.

For more information with regards to how the club works please click on the link below. We are looking forward to helping you on your families language journey.

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A Complete Year Long Nature Curriculum (Affilate Link)


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