Into the forest we go coaching



Sometimes we all need help and a little guidance to give us peace of mind for the plan we have ahead.

Coaching aims to bring out the best in you; helping you as a parent to make the right choices for your family ensuring not just your goals but your “Why, what, how and when” are clear and manageable.

It is my job to ensure you and your family have the tools  that you require to begin your outdoor language journey, not only to get started but to stay motivated and on track.

This is what to expect when you book a Outdoor Bilingual Learner call:

  • Pre-conversation questionnaire via google docs

  • 1hr Zoom / Skype video call (when it’s convenient for you)

  • Follow up email


1hr Coaching Call – €39 Euros

Block of 4 coaching calls – €145 Euros

Please research your local currency conversation, PayPal does the converting for you on day of purchase.

How to book:

For a one hour coaching call or a block booking please pay the relevant amount (via button below) and I’ll follow up within 48 hours with the next steps (booking date and time etc.).  Please leave a message in the PayPal notes section stating: ‘COACHING CALL’

I hope I can help you start and strengthen your Outdoor language learning journey and give you the confidence you need to keep going!

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Rachel x


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